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Should the Galaxy let Beckham go on loan?

The British media are going crazy with the prospect of David Beckham returning to the Premier League, even if it is just for a twelve week loan period. But nobody seems to be asking whether the LA Galaxy should let Beckham go out on loan again.

In the last two January transfer windows, Beckham had signed with AC Milan to keep himself fit, and also keep himself in the frame for England. Last years loan to Milan dod not end well with Beckham tearing his Achilles, and injury that KO’d him for six months, ending his dream of the World Cup and almost ruining the Galaxy’s season.

Beckham will be 36 in May ans it makes no sense for the Galaxy to loan Beckham out. Beckham’s international career is over, which removes that reason why he has to go on loan. The MLS season starts in late March, which means the Galaxy will start pre-season training next month. So he gets maybe 4-6 weeks off additional training if he goes to the Premier League. That is very little upside, for a move that has a lot of downside.

In his four years with the LA Galaxy, Beckham has made just 55 appearances. Over the last two seasons Beckham has started just 16 MLS regular-season games for the Galaxy. At some point the Galaxy tell Beckham to stop this preening for the European media and to devote his attention to the Galaxy, the team that pays him?

Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena is reported to be against the loan as he wants Beckham healthy and fit and ready to go when the MLS season kicks off. Something that Beckham has never done before.

So should the Galaxy let Beckham go out on loan? I don’t think they should. It is not in the Galaxy’s best interest. What do you think?