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TFC’s De Rosario loan to Celtic hits snag

There have been lots of media reports that Toronto FC’s Dwayne De Rosario was in Scotland to train with Celtic with an eye to a January loan spell. The only problem is that nobody told Major League Soccer.

In order for a player who is under contract with one team to be allowed to train with another team, they both need to sign off (literally) on the deal. These contract protect the player’s home club if the player is injured while on trial.

Toronto FC interim General Manager Earl Cochrane says that no such permission was granted.

“I was contacted a little more than a month ago by Dwayne and his representative—asking if we would entertain a loan or training stint. We said we would but would need assurances and final sign off on it—that an agreement would need to be in place that we were comfortable with.”

Cochrane says the De Rosario camp was aware that such an agreement was needed.

“They understood that completely. I have not received anything official from Dwayne or his agent.”

MLS has been in contact with Celtic to let them know that De Rosario cannot train until they get the proper paperwork, which I understand is supposed to be in the works.

Not the best way to make a good first impression DeRo!

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