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Serie A Still Im Dark Ages Over Racism

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Serie A has once again show how little they care about its players being racially abused after the league decided not to punish Cagliari, after fans directed monkey chants at Inter Milan star Romelu Lukaku.

In the Serie A fixture on September 1, Lukaku stepped up to score the penalty that would ensure his side a 2-1 victory and was subjected to vile abuse.

After scoring he stood still and stared at those who had make the noises but the Sardinian club have not been sanctioned.

The explanation given by the governing body is that the nature of the chants were not deemed to be ‘discriminatory’.

The Giudice Sportivo panel ruled on Tuesday that the noises were not considered offensive in terms of ‘size and real perception’.

To add insult to injury, Cagliari were in fact fined £4,430 for throwing plastic bottles onto the pitch against Parma.

This is now the third occasion that Cagliari have escaped punishment for racial abuse of an opposing player, with the other incidents taking place against Moise Kean and Blaise Matuidi.

Hellas Verona also escaped punishment despite evidence that AC Milan midfielder was subjected to racial abuse at the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi on Sunday.