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Sergio Ramos’ Father Is A Manchester United Fan?

This story continues to take some interesting turns as it seems that Sergio Ramos will not have any arguments from his family if he decides to leave for Old Trafford this summer, because his father is a fan.

Before a meeting between the two sides in 2013, Ramos revealed his father’s love for English football.

He told the Sunday Times:

‘My dad used to watch a lot of football and he would say to me when I was a kid: “So and so is playing today. You have to watch this player or that player”.

Asked who his father supported, he said:

‘United. My family are fans but he always had a soft spot for Manchester United.’

Ramos added: ‘I was pleased to get United. If you look at the history and the philosophy they transmit they are to the Premier League what Madrid are in . The ideals that they drum into their players are similar.’

He joked that there would be no divided loyalties going into the game because his family would be supporting him in the Champions League last-16 match.

I still think Ramos is using United to get a new contract in Madrid, but the media stories keep suggesting that this deal could happen.

Do you think it will?

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