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Roy Hodgson apologizes to the kop

Roy Hodgson, Liverpool ManagerLiverpool boss Roy Hodgson has apologized to Liverpool fans, twenty-four hours after criticizing them for jeering him during Wednesday’s home defeat to Wolves, saying they have never been behind him

“I’m disappointed with that and I certainly regret if I have offended them in any way. It was no way meant to be an offensive comment on my part. In fact, it was a purely defensive comment. I went on to say that whilst describing my situation as not being able to win the fans over with the performances, I was taking the responsibility and was quite prepared to take it on the chin that I would be the one in the firing line for the team’s poor performance, but I fully understood and empathised with them. I’m very disappointed if that’s been changed into me attacking the fans. There’s no way I would want to do that and there’s no way that would be justified either because everyone knows Liverpool fans and the support from Liverpool fans is the best in the country. I’m also fully aware that to get the best out of that support, you have to give them something to look forward to supporting and we certainly didn’t do that on Wednesday night. I would have been very surprised if the reaction had been any different to what it was.”

Hodgson needs Liverpool to go on a winning streak if he has any hope of winning over the Kop. With Bolton at home and Blackburn away in the next week, Liverpool have a good opportunity to start to put together a winning streak in the league.

The way that the Premier League is this season, anybody that puts together a string of 4 or 5 wins in a row will soar up the table. For all Liverpool’s problems this season they are only 9 points behind Spurs (who are 5th) with a game in hand. Win that game in hand (at Blackpool) and suddenly they are only 6 points behind Spurs and 7 points behind Chelsea. With half the season to go, that is still a manageable gap.

photo credit: nicksarebi