Serie A

Roma for sale for 150 million euros

Francesco TottiRoma are up for sale for 150 million euros, according to reports in Italy, after one of the club’s creditors took up the option to find a buyer.

Gazzetta dello Sport claimed that the Sensi family, who have owned the three-times Serie A champions for 17 years, will have to sell the club after their other main business fell into the hands of banks two weeks ago.

Roma, who were surprise runners-up in Italy last season, have struggled with financial troubles for the last few years due to problems with president Rosella Sensi and her Italpetroli oil company.

Italpetroli, valued at 325 million euros, were taken over by Italian bank Unicredit, who now hold 51 per cent of the shareholding, with the Milan Bank owning the rest. It is Unicredit that is trying to force a sale of Roma so that they can get paid.

This was the statement released by Italpetroli:

“Italpetroli communicates, at the request of the Consob, that a negotiation deadline has been set with Unicredit for July 20, 2010, for a more defined agreement to sort out the financial debt of the Italpetroli group. In regards to AS Roma, the accord states that the club will be led by a consortium called Newco Roma, with the Sensi family and Unicredit involved with their respective holdings. Newco Roma will be composed of three representatives: one indicated by the Sensi family, one Unicredit representative and an independent party, professor Attillo Zimatore. Newco Roma has the main objective to proceed with the negotiation of the sale. AS Roma will continue to be governed and guided by Rosella Sensi.”

Creative Commons License photo credit: prettyfriendship