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Radamel Falcao: “I’d like to go to a different team at some point”

One of the advantages of international friendlies, is that players are often more open and honest with reporters from their own country than they are with reporters that cover them day in and day out.

The third best player on the planet is Atletico Madrid’s Radamel Falcao and he had some interesting things to say about his future on Colombian radio station, Radio Caracol yesterday. Here are some of Falcao’s comment:

“There are some dreams that I’ve achieved, others that are still to be achieved and other new ones that are just being made. The opportunity to experience another league, another club will come and I won’t ever stop dreaming. I’d like to go to a different team at some point but I’ve got three more years left of my contract and my current reality is Atlético”.

Radamel Falcao plays in the early morning next Thursday with his national team against Brazil in the United States. Playing for Colombia fills him with pride:

“Personally, I like travelling, it’s always a really important motivation being able to be in the national team”.

‘El Tigre’ talked about his World Cup hopes:

“I dream of going to the World Cup in Brazil as part of the Colombian national squad. I still don’t feel like I’m there, but I know we’re doing well at the moment and we have to continue to maintain that confidence to be able to win the points we need”.

Falcao is not playing in the Europa League:

“I don’t think the management decisions that have been made for me not to play in that competition are anything to do with a possible exit from the club. ‘Cholo’ Simeone has simply rotated the team as a precaution”.

He also added: “No player really likes to be left out but, being sensible and thinking about it in the cold light of day, these games at the end of the season take their toll and, not playing now will allow me to be fresher, even though I always want to be playing”.

There is also a financial benefit to Atletico Madrid of keeping Falcao out of the Europa League. It means he is eligible to play in the Champions League knockout stages in the new year, which means that Atletico can charge Chelsea or Manchester City an extra 5 million euros in January for one of the words best players.