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PSG Still Whining After Champions League Collapse

It was the biggest collapse in Champions League history and Paris Saint-Germain are not blaming the players, who completed just four passes in the final 11 minutes against Barcelona, with three from kick-offs, for the capitulation. No, the French side are blaming German referee Deniz Aytekin for their 6-1 Champions League defeat at Barcelona last week

The French side have sent a detailed five-page letter of complaint to Uefa about the performance of the referee, including a dossier of errors made by the official.

PSG have included eight incidents in their report which they have submitted to European football’s governing body, demanding that such mistakes are not repeated. There is an inference that the ‘bigger’ team in Barcelona was looked upon favorably by the ref. I am sure that some of PSG’s Lique 1 rivals are having a chuckle at that one.

PSG are not demanding a replay, but instead have told Uefa that they do not feel they received enough “respect” from the referee.

PSG have identified a number of incidents that went against them and believe they happened because of the atmosphere created inside the Nou Camp and the crowding of Aytekin by the Barcelona players. Luis Suarez was cautioned for diving but also won the 90th minute penalty, again going over easily, that proved so vital.

At the same time PSG were denied a clear penalty of their own when Angel Di Maria was fouled by Javier Mascherano who later admitted:

“It is clear that I did foul Di Maria but I think that is not the reason why we eliminated PSG.”

The dossier, including video clips, highlights a series of incidents including the first penalty awarded to Barcelona, for a foul on Neymar, an apparent stamp by Neymar on his fellow Brazilian Marquinhos, a handball by Gerard Pique and a shirt pull also by the defender that went unpunished. PSG sources said they were ‘shocked’ by the number of incidents when they reviewed the match.

There have been claims that Aytekin faces demotion because of his performance and may be removed from Champions League duty. That decision ultimately rests with former referee Pierluigi Collina, who now works as Uefa’s Head of Refereeing.