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Premier League Clubs Split 2.42B In TV Revenue

Manchester United earned slightly more money than champions Manchester City from the Premier League last season, despite City’s record-breaking campaign.

United, who finished second, received £149.77m, £328,491 more than City because they ere shown live in the UK more often, and more TV games means more money in the payments system.

City received £38.63m for winning the league, £1.93m more than second-placed United.

The 20 clubs between them have split a staggering £2.42BILLION this season, from annual Premier League income that is now more than £3bn a year, the vast majority from TV deals either at home or from overseas.

Sky and BT Sport are paying £5.136bn between them to show Premier League matches live in the UK across three seasons from 2016 to 2019 inclusive. Foreign broadcasters around the world are paying more than £3bn combined, on top, for the same period.

The Premier League also earns money from the sales of highlights (on Match of the Day in the UK), near-live rights, clip rights, and brings in further sums from commercial deals. All that cash goes into one big pot and the sums announced are the eye-watering rewards for the clubs.

To put the riches of the Premier League is perspective, relegated West Brom will earn more in terms of TV revenue this season than Europa League winners Atletico Madrid, who will end up finishing runners-up to champions Barcelona in Spain this season.