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Pep Guardiola To Juventus Rumors Will Not Go Away

pep Guardiola

The story was broken by Italian journalist Federico Gennarelli of Radio Sportiva over the weekend. That Pep Guardiola has agreed a deal to leave Manchester City and take up the vacant managerial role at Juventus.

While Manchester City have continued to deny that there is any truth to the story, former Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri seemed to indicate that it was true when local newspaper Sport Legnano reported that Allegri was asked by a Juventus fan who his successor would be. He replied: “A manager of Manchester is coming.”

Well we know its not Ole Gunnar Solskjær that is heading to Turin!

According to multiple reports, Guardiola has agreed on a four-year deal worth €24 million a year and that he will be unveiled as the new Juventus boss on June 14.

Why would Guardiola, who just won the domestic treble and helped City become the first men’s team in English football history to win the league title and both cup competitions in the same season, want to leave?

Two reasons. UEFA and Agnelli. There have been lots written in recent weeks about how UEFA are getting ready to ban Manchester City from the Champions League for at least one season due to Financial Fair Play violations. Pep has been very careful when he has been asked about this, saying that City’s owners have assured him that they are innocent. If City are found guilty and banned then Pep has his reason to leave City, because he was lied too.

The second reason is Juventus and the Agnelli family. As Roger Mitchel said on a recent Podcast, the Agnelli’s get what they want.

For all the money that the Abu Dhabi group pours into Manchester City, City will never be European footballing royalty like Juventus is. And Pep is very aware of that.

What do you think? Could Pep Guardiola be in Turin next season?