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New York Red Bulls Tim Ream Signs For Bolton

It’s funny how the English media mock the quality of Major League Soccer, but guess where Premier League teams turned to this month to help their sides? Yep, MLS.

First we had the Galaxy’s Landon Donovan going back to Everton on loan and then the NYRB’s Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal, where he promptly scored the winner in their FA Cup tie against Leeds.

The latest player to make the journey across the pond is the Red Bulls Tim Ream who Bolton bought for £2.5m. Ream will be expected the fill the shoes of England defender Gary Cahill who signed for Chelsea earlier this month.

“Tim was trailed by a couple of clubs, including West Brom and Arsenal, so it’s great that he sees his future here,” said Bolton boss Owen Coyle. “He is young, has a tremendous attitude and a winning mentality. I know he will fit in well with the rest of the squad.”

Ream is looking forward to making am impression at Bolton saying:

“I knew there was interest in me when I came over last year and trained for a couple of weeks, then after Christmas things started to ramp up. Being able to play against Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal in the Emirates Cup [last summer for Red Bulls] gave me an insight and knowledge into what I need to be successful here. Now to have those matches week in and week out will make me a better player all-round. Competing in the top league in the world can only help a player. The team is in a good run of form right now and I’m just looking to contribute in any way that I can.”

Good signing for Bolton, but a big loss for NYRB. Who will New York sign to replace Ream?