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My MLS Season Predictions

Randall did a great job looking into his crystal ball and putting together his 2008 MLS Season Preview: Prediction Edition. Rather than trying to duplicate the great work that Randall did, here are some of my general thoughts heading into this MLS season.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is what impact the European transfer window opening in August will have on the MLS race. We know that Brad Guzan of Chivas will probably be sold in this window, but what happens to say NYRB chances if Jozy Altidore is sold to a big European club in late August? Any chanches of NY putting together a run for the cup will probably go out the window if Jozy leaves.

For player of the year Randall goes for Blanco. Good choice, but I expect Beckham to win it. He is the face of the league and I expect that he will win it regardless of how well he plays!

How will Donovan play this year with Beckham and all the hoopla that surrounds him? Landon looks like a superstar against small teams, but when the pressure is on, and the lights shine bright LD has a habit of disappearing. Both the Galaxy and US soccer fans hope that this the season that LD takes a big step forward to finally fulfilling his potential.

As for the winners of the MLS Cup I have to agree with Jason. I think it will be a DC United vs Houston final with Houston once again taking home the cup.