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Milan to deal just with Madrid

AC Milan have told Chelsea to forget about signing Kaka — because they will only deal with Real Madrid.

British tabloids say that Chelsa manager Carlo Ancelotti has made a dramatic phone call to the Brazilian ace to persuade him to move to Stamford Bridge.

But Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani insists there are just two options for the 27-year-old — stay put or move to Spain. He said:

“An agreement with Chelsea could not exist. Kaka goes to Real or he remains at Milan. That is his choice and we are doing everything in complete agreement. Negotiations with Real do exist but an agreement is not done.”

Galliani also conceded Italian clubs can no longer compete in the transfer market — and the sale would be purely for financial reasons. He added:

“Kaka has been here six years and won everything there is to win. Milan cannot go on losing 70million euros a year. The motivation behind Kaka’s sale would be economical.”

Club president Silvio Berlusconi insists there will be no pressure on Kaka to leave the club. A January move to Manchester City did not appeal to the 2002 World Cup winner and he will again be given the choice this summer. Berlusconi said:

“No decision has been taken yet. On Monday I will speak to Kaka and then I will let you know. The ones that decide the future are always the players, who need to choose where to continue their career and when to put their money aside. Players must choose what suits their interests best.”

While Chelsea have officially stated no bid has been made, Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez claims his club are still better placed than the Premier League side to seal the move. He said:

“If Chelsea are not competing with us it is good news. The problem wouldn’t be the presentation of Kaka, the problem would be if we are capable of fixing it so he plays for Real Madrid. We have good relations with Milan. I’m a friend of Galliani which will make this agreement easier. Moreover, the player has shown his desire to play for us.”