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Milan Considering £107 million Kaka Offer

AC Milan have confirmed they are considering a bid worth almost £110m for Kaka from Manchester City. The club’s own television station made the announcement on Thursday evening following meetings with City representatives on Tuesday.

“This is a delicate moment. There is an offer from Manchester City for Kaka and Milan are considering it,” Milan TV presenter Mauro Suma said. “‘Considering it’ doesn’t mean there’s been a decision or acceptance. This is not a definitive decision or a ‘fait accompli’, there are hours and days ahead.”

Sky Sports Italia claimed that a bid of around 120 million euros (£107m) has been tabled by the Eastlands club, who are owned by billionaire Abu Dhabi royal Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. 

It is understood that City are offering the former World Player of the Year a salary in the region of £500,000 per week – more than three times his current wage – but that Kaka wants the club to invest throughout the squad if he is to consider joining.

Kaka’s spokesman has responded to Milan’s announcement by telling reporters that his client had now “been authorised” to open talks with City.