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Man United the richest club in the world

Earlier this week we reported on Manchester United’s latest financial report. Well today our sister publication Premier League Tickets has an article about Forbes now values Man United about Real Madrid as the richest team in the world.

Manchester United have passed Real Madrid and are the world’s richest football club according to Forbes magazine. Forbes estimates that Man United are worth €1.42 billion, which puts them well ahead of Real Madrid who are worth €1.03b.

The move to the Emirates Stadium is paying off for Arsenal who in third position with a worth of €913m. Rounding out the top five are Bayern Munich and Liverpool

The 25 European teams contains four Italian sides, two Spanish teams, five teams from the Bundesliga, two French sides and the Old Firm representing Scotland.

The financial strength of the Premiership is reflected with 9 English teams making the list. The biggest surprise to me are probably Chelsea only in 8th place and Schalke making the top 10 ahead of Inter Milan and Roma.

One team that might not be on the list next year is Newcastle United who come in 19th in the Forbes list with a valuation of €217m. Relegation to the Championship could knock at between €50-75m from Newcastle’s valuation.

Top 25 clubs: (€, 000,000’s)

1 Manchester United 1,423
2 Real Madrid 1,030
3 Arsenal 913
4 Bayern Munich 845
5 Liverpool 768
6 Milan 753
7 Barcelona 730
8 Chelsea 609
9 Juventus 457
10 Schalke 04 388
11 Tottenham Hotspur 339
12 Olympique Lyonnais 322
13 Roma 290
14 Inter Milan 281
15 Hamburg 251
16 Borussia Dortmund 247
17 Manchester City 236
18 Werder Bremen 222
19 Newcastle United 217
20 Stuttgart 201
21 Aston Villa 183
21 Olympique de Marseille183
23 Celtic 166
24 Everton 158
25 Rangers 148