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Klopp: “The Gap Is So Insane”

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp has acknowledged the distance between Liverpool and the rest of the league by saying what most fans think: It’s “insane” how much better the Reds are.

The Reds picked up a typically assured three points at the weekend, winning with a combination of solid defensive work and having enough attacking quality to take a chance.

It might have been a little closer than other games this season, but a win-to-nil has been a familiar scoreline when it comes to the Reds over the last few months.

The end result was 1-0 and another three points for the Reds, taking them an unprecedented 25 points clear at the top of the Premier League, a bigger lead than any other team have held at any point in the past.

And our manager has hit the nail on the head once again, expressing his admiration for what his players are doing at the same time.

“The gap is so insane, I don’t really understand it,” Klopp told Sky Sports after the match.

“I have not had that before. It is outstanding, so difficult.

“I go back into the changing room and we chat about the things and then I am like ‘Oh, but congratulations. We won the game, another three points.’”

The Liverpool boss says he had no worries that the win wouldn’t come in the end, saying that he could appreciate the atmosphere in the dressing room was merely one of rising to the occasion.

“I could tell in all the players’ faces that they weren’t nervous, they were enjoying it, and if one team was going to score it was going to be us.

“We protected against the counter-attack well too. It’s really all about these wonderful football players.”

Klopp and his team continue to set incredible records and feats of consistency this season, and while a Premier League title is now as inevitable as it is deserved, another big positive comes in the fact there’s clearly no plan to relent.

More celebrations and more trophies could yet be on the agenda…and that gap at the top, already embarrassing for the so-called challengers, could yet get even bigger.