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Is Shevchenko Returning to A.C. Milan?

A.C. Milan’s director Silvano Ramaccioni has stated that the much-maligned striker is on the brink of returning to his former club.  Since leaving A.C. Milan for Premiership side Chelsea in 2006, Andriy Shevchenko has been a major disappointment.  His £30million transfer fee could have been spent elsewhere to bolster The Special One’s squad.  Speaking of The Special One, it will be interesting to see Sheva and Jose on opposite sides of the Milan derby.

For several months, there has been speculation regarding the Ukrainian international’s return to the San Siro, but now Ramaccioni believes his return is imminent in the form of a season-long loan.  He recently stated,

“I would be extremely delighted if Shevchenko returns to Milan and I am ready to embrace the Ukraine champion again, for us it’s about a return home.”

In 2004, Shevchenko was named the European Player of the Year while at Milan and during his seven-year career with the club he scored 127 goals.  That total is good for second most in A.C. Milan’s storied history.

Also from Serie A, Juventus midfielder Tiago has ruled out a move to Premiership side Everton.  The 27-year-old Portuguese international prefers a move to Spain.