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Is Redknapp On His Way Out Of Spurs?

Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp has only one year left his current contract, and has been negotiating through the press, saying recently that he does not want to go into next season on the final year of his contract.

Redknapp, despite public denials, has an uneasy relationship with his club chairman Daniel Levy. That has come about partly as a result of the manager being heavily linked with the England job.

“I don’t think things could have gone better since I’ve been here,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News. “We’ve finished fourth twice, fifth once, we’ve had a quarter-final of the Champions League. We’ve played fantastic football and I enjoy being at Tottenham.

“It’s not a case of me looking for security. What it’s about is players knowing you’ve only got a year left on your contract. It doesn’t work.

“You don’t let players get down to the final year if they’re any good and you don’t let managers get to their final year if they’re any good.

“If Daniel doesn’t think I’m worth it, that’s up to him.”

If news stories are to be believed, Spurs are not interested in signing Redknapp to a new deal and are prepared to let him leave before the end of the month (Could Chelsea be a possible destination for Redknapp?)

Redknapp is said to be unhappy that Spurs appeared to put an unrealistic £10million compensation price on his head in case the FA made an approach.

With regard to the England job Redknapp added:

“I would have taken it,” Redknapp said. “It would have been difficult to turn it down, [but] I was never approached. I love club football. I was relieved I didn’t get offered it.”

While Redknapp points to the improvement on Spurs’s fortunes, two top-four finishes in the last three years, there are some within the club who blame Redknapp for failing to qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Spurs missed missed out on playing in next’s season Champions League competition because Chelsea won the trophy.

But before the England rumors began, Spurs were double digit points ahead of fourth place Arsenal, and were being touted as possible title contenders.

But then the Harry to England rumors and Spurs insiders blame Redknapp for the way he handled that distraction and Spurs alarming loss of form, that saw them throw away their lead over Arsenal, and squeak into fourth place.

The problem for Daniel Levy and Spurs is that they have left it pretty late in the summer to find a replacement for Redknapp. Brendan Rodgers has went to Liverpool while Roberto Martinez seems happy to spend another season at Wigan.

One potential option could be France’s manager Laurent Blanc who is out of contract at the end of the season.

Do you think that Spurs should give Redknapp a new two-year deal or is it time for a change at White Hart Lane?