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Is Man United Board Turning Against Moyes?

david moyes shockedAccording to ESPNFC, the prospect of firing manager David Moyes has been raised in the Manchester United boardroom for the first time.

The Glazers reportedly are not happy with what Moyes has done to a team that won the championship last season are are becoming more open to the idea of a change of manager.

After the embarrassing loss at home to bitter rivals on Sunday Moyes faces probably the biggest week of his managerial career. In a seven day period United must overturn a 2-0 deficit in the Champions League against Olympiakos, before facing an awkward trip to West Ham United and then a potentially daunting second derby of the season against Manchester City.

Losing all three games is a possibility, and if that happens, Moyes might not see the season out.

According to ESPNFC:

The Glazers are said to have become very “nervous” about the nature of recent performances, let alone the results, with a nadir coming in the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool. Some United officials now openly maintain that a managerial change is needed.

Old Trafford sources also state it has been noted that Sir Alex Ferguson is no longer so vocally backing Moyes at boardroom level, although the former manager is not said to have turned against his replacement. It is also believed Moyes retains the backing of Sir Bobby Charlton.

The Glazers could handle one bad season, but two bad seasons is unthinkable, especially with reports that United’s commercial sponsors are beginning to let it be known that they don;t like being linked with a mid-table team. And that is what could ultimately sink Moyes. The Glazers have done fantastic job building a commercial sales operation that is the envy of clubs around the world. United have been able to overcome the massive debt that the Glazers put on the club because the success on the pitch allowed them to grow their commercial revenues.

If that success on the pitch looks like it is coming to an end, then the commercial revenues will dry up and that is a scenario that the Glazers cannot allow.

Even if Moyes happens to win the next three games that might not be enough to save his job. United need a massive investment in new personal this summer and I am sure the United board are debating THE question “Do we trust David Moyes to spend £150-200m this summer?” I am not convinced that the answer to that question is yes.