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Is AC Milan up for sale?

A couple of interesting stories have appeared that indicate that Italian Prime Minister and Milan President Silvio Berlusconi might be looking to sell the club.

The Guerin Sportivo reports that Albanian oil tycoon Rezart Taci is interested in buying the team. In an interview in the paper Taci said:

“I don’t think Berlusconi will want to deprive himself of Milan, but if there is a chance then we will be very interested in buying the club,”

Reports suggested Taci had already pumped cash into the club with the acquisition of a number of shares, but the magnate has denied those claims.

“It’s not true that I am already a shareholder, I just have links with the sport side of things such as programmes like Milan Junior Campus, and Milan Parc. In addition, I am a good friend of Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani.”

So why would Berlusconi be looking to sell Milan? Well a civil court ruled last week hit Berlusconi’s media group Fininvest with a €750 million fine. Fininvest is a holding company which effectively controls the Rossoneri.

Very few people have €750 million laying around in petty cash, and Fininvest might be forced to sell Milan to generate the cash needed to pay the fine.