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Interview with Claudio Ranieri

Interesting interview with Claudio Ranieri in Gazetta this week. The Interview is below:

The clouds on the horizon look ominous. But Claudio Ranieri does not want to think about the future, he would rather focus on the one remaining objective for the season: the Coppa Italia. Later on there will be time to think about what will happen at the end of next season. The Bianconeri’s manager endorses Cannavaro and thinks he would go well partnered with Chiellini, but mention the name Marcello Lippi and he reacts.

FUTURE – “Some people think that the club has already planned what will happen in the coming months, but that’s not the case. There are those who hope to see Lippi return to the bench, but I’m not concerned about the prospect of him coming back, my only concern is to do my job well. After the meeting between Blanc and Lippi, if I was a reporter I would have written the same thing you did. But I’m not going to worry about it: I’m rebuilding this team, and if Lippi arrives at the end of 2010, or Conti, or someone else it means that the club is not satisfied with my work. It’s like giving your case to a lawyer and then changing lawyer. I have tried to make progress toward my goals. Often the coach is the last one to know about some things, but what we do is more important than what we think. That’s why I hope the lads give it 100% right to the end.”

CANNAVARO – “We got the opportunity to assess this player – he’s 36 years old. The club’s strategy is to focus on young players, on champions and on free transfers. Cannavaro would come at no cost and together with Chiellini and Buffon he should be the core of the defence that goes to the World Cup. We said to ourselves: why not take advantage of the desire to do well at the next World Cup? I gave the ok, now it’s up to the club to have discussions. I haven’t spoken with the player yet. Two years ago it would have cost a lot to get him off Real. Diego? I like him, I’ve said so right from the start.”

LAZIO – “This game is very important to us. Mourinho wants to play against us in the final? I want to make it to the final as well, but first we have to beat Lazio. The Coppa Italia is an objective and we want to achieve it, it means a lot to us. Lazio are going well, I saw the derby and the game against Genoa. The Biancazzurri didn’t give Gasperini’s men time to think and they managed to come away with the win.”

INJURY REPORT – “I left Amauri at home – he still has work to do. Trezeguet has come down with a touch of sinusitis. He trained today and I’ll talk to him tomorrow, and assess his availability as late as I can. Marchisio is fit, Nedved had a problem with his knee but today he took a full part in training. I’ll have to assess everyone and everything.”

STADIUM BAN – “I don’t think it’s a fair penalty. For fans to be barred from a stadium there should have been repeated issues, but here it only happened in the match against Inter. I’m close to Balotelli, and I’m very sorry. It was right to appeal and I agree that those of us on the pitch must lead by example. The next time if I hear any racist chants I will ask the captain to go over to the terraces and convince the fans to stop it.”