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Inter Fans Wanted For TV Commercial


This is a ‘call to arms’ for all you passionate football fans out there – we need you!!

At the end of November we’re shooting a very exciting Mastercard Champions League commercial that will recreate what it was like for the fans in the terraces watching the most memorable games in European football over the last ten years.

We’re looking for the most emotional, charismatic fans that were there that night…. or watching somewhere else wishing they were there. Do you think you could re-live those moments for this commercial? Are you unafraid of the cameras and prepared once more to punch the air, hug your mates, dance and sing just like you did the night your team won….or perhaps even show how devastated you were the night your team lost.

We want this to be one of the most outstanding commercials ever made about football and we need those fans that are willing to demonstrate to the world how much this sport means to them and how they felt on one of the happiest or saddest days of their lives. So please step forward, invite your fellow fans, represent your club and have fun!

So we are looking for Inter Milan fans who fit the brief above.

It is shooting 25 and 26th of November. Fans will only be needed for one day and they will be paid £100 in cash on the day, with the chance of earning an extra £100 if they are selected to be featured in it.

It is filming at the Millwall football ground.

For more information email tomnorcliffe@gmail.com