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I Went To Wembley Que Sera Sera

In London for the week and what better place to visit than the ancestral home of football, Wembley Stadium.

I had gone to the old Wembley several times, but this was first visit to the new stadium and I was looking forward to it.

Wembley stadium is only a 10min tube ride from downtown London so getting to the ground was very easy. You approach Wembley via the famous Wembley Way, but walking up it is not the same when you are the only one walking! But pretty soon I saw the famous Wembley Arch as well as the statue of Bobby Moore on the concourse.

Wembley Stadium London

Bobby Moore Statue Outside Wembley Stadium

After buying my ticket and entering the stadium, we walked into a room, Over the door was this cool sign:

And if they have the crossbar from the World Cup Final you would expect also to see the World Cup trophy which is to the right of the crossbar.

From there the tour began. We went out to sit in some of the box seats while the tour guide told us a little about the stadium. It is an incredible stadium, with fantastic acoustics. When it is full of 90,000 fans singing the noise on the pitch must be incredible. This is the view from the club level seats looking down onto the pitch.

From there we went into the dressing rooms. After visiting the Emirates Stadium last week I was a little surprised at how small and spartan the dressing rooms were compared to the ones at Arsenal.

We came out the dressing rooms into the tunnel that leads onto the pitch. The walls were still covered in England decals from last week’s game against Wales. So this is what it looks like when the England players line-up before walking onto the pitch.

Naturally we were not allowed on the pitch, but we did get to walk up the steps to the Royal Box and get out hands on the F.A. Cup. This is me with the cup.

As an added bonus the UEFA Champions League Tour showcase is still at Wembley. So I got to see the Champions League trophies plus jerseys and memorabilia from all the Champions League (European Cup’s) since inception.

If you are a football/soccer fan than a trip to Wembley should be on your bucket list. The tour is cool, walking through the tunnel onto the pitch and getting my picture taking with the FA Cup were the two highlights.