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Galaxy bottles it with Beckham loan

According to BBC Sports, the LA Galaxy have bottled it and will give into David Beckham and let him go to Spurs on loan.

The deal, when it goes through will mean that the 35-year old Beckham will be playing football for the next 11 months. Based on his injury history, there is no way that Beckham will come through the next 11 months unscathered, which means that one more Beckham will fail to complete a full season with the Galaxy. This loan is all about David Beckham’s ego and does not benefit the LA Galaxy.

Some media reports say that Beckham could play up to 11 games for Spurs, including this weekend’s FA Cup game with Charlton, before returning to the Galaxy.

Beckham’s Potential Spurs Games
Charlton (H) – 9 Jan [FA Cup]
MAN UNITED (H) – 16 Jan
Newcastle (A) – 22 Jan
Blackburn (A) – 2 Feb
Bolton (H) – 5 Feb
Sunderland (A) – 12 Feb
AC MILAN (A) – 15 Feb [CL]
Blackpool (A) – 22 Feb
Arsenal (H) – 26 Feb
Wolves – (A) 5 Mar
AC MILAN (H) – 9 Mar [CL]

One thing to keep in mind is that Beckham has not played a competitive game in about six weeks. I doubt if he has the fitness levels to jump right in and play this weekend for Spurs.

If you are a Spurs fan are you excited about the signing of David Beckham?