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French Politician Clueless About Player Valuations


French politician Daniel Cohn-Bendi started off making sense when he said that the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic will cause transfer values to plummet. I think everyone agrees with that statement. Then he showed his naivety when he tried to use PSG forward Kylian Mbappe as an example of the impending price drop.

“Tomorrow, Mbappe will cost around €35-40M at most, not €200M, he told an interview with French outlet Ouest-France, reported via the Evening Standard.

“Who is going to be able to buy him?

“There is going to be new regulations, and this will affect wages and image rights.”

There is absolutely zero chance that the value of the best young footballer in the world drops to €35-40M. And their is no way that a state owned club like PSG would every sell their best talent for a fraction of this worth.

I think what you will see in the upcoming transfer windows are who are the best-run and financially secure clubs. Not just the state owned clubs like PSG, Manchester City and maybe Newcastle United. But others like Manchester United, Bayern, Munich and Real Madrid, who have the resources to pay for the best players in the world at sharply reduced prices.

For some clubs, this summer’s transfer window will allow to speed any squad rebuilding by a couple of years because €100m might by three world class players this summer, where last year it bought one.

But that being said. Don’t expect to see Kylian Mbappe go to Real Madrid for €40m this summer. That will not happen