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Fiorentina And Juventus Upset With Berbatov U-Turn

Fiorentina released a blistering statement tonight blaming “the arrogance” of Juventus and Fulham for ruining the deal that they thought they had for Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov.

The Manchester United striker had agreed terms with the Viola and flown out for a medical today, but never turned up, instead flying to Munich. That transfer was hijacked by Juve, but this evening Berbatov changed his mind again and chose Fulham.

“ACF Fiorentina announce that the transfer for Dimitar Berbatov definitively collapsed after an agreement with Manchester United had been concluded (with shared exchange of contracts, the first instalment paid and the financial guarantees for the second instalment ratified) and after reaching a verbal agreement with the player over his contract.

“During today the English club had allowed their player the written permission to come to Florence for a medical and to sign his contract.

“The player got on the flight with his agent and on tickets paid for by Fiorentina. He never arrived in Florence.

“This was down to outlandish and arrogant behaviour of other clubs, who have nothing to do with fair play and sporting ethics that go even beyond the confines of fairness.

“As for the player, apart from his characteristics and his value on the field, at this stage we are happy he didn’t come to Fiorentina. He did not deserve our city, to wear our jersey or the values that represent it.”

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta insists they “acted fairly” towards Fiorentina saying:

“These are very normal things that happen in the transfer market, especially in the last few days,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italia.

If Berbatov does sign for Fulahm, it will be a great coup for the Cottagers. It appears that Berbatov and his family would prefer to stay in England, and a move back to London was more appealing than Fiorentina or Turin.