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Epic Mourinho Rant As United’s Horror Tour Continues

Jose Mourinho delivered a damning assessment of Manchester United’s US tour, admitting that fans shouldn’t waste their money paying to watch the games.

In an extraordinary statement, he claimed that United’s missing stars have rendered the tour pointless and that the strain is ‘killing’ the other players.

After a scratch United side were beaten 4-1 by Liverpool in front of 101,000 fans in Michigan, Mourinho said: ‘

The atmosphere was good but if I was them I wouldn’t have come. I wouldn’t have spent my money to watch these two teams. I watched Chelsea versus Inter earlier and people had decided the beach was better. The stadium was empty.

‘These people here show how much they love their club and came to enjoy the clubs they love in Europe. That is fantastic.

‘Ander Herrera gave everything because he respects the fans and they got to see two amazing goals – from (Andreas) Pereira and (Xherdan) Shaqiri scored two beautiful goals.

Asked if he needs reinforcements, Mourinho replied:

‘This is nothing to do with reinforcements. The reinforcement are (Paul) Pogba, (Marouane) Fellaini, (Victor) Lindelof, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Nemanja Matic, Antonio Valencia. These are reinforcements.

‘This is not our team, not our squad. The majority of players that have played are not going to play. Some of them are not even going to belong to the squad. The accumulation of matches is killing progressively my brave boys because I have some brave boys.

‘Reinforcements, you are saying players I’d like to buy and add to the squad. That is another thing, but this is not even 30 per cent of my squad, so don’t look at this that way.

‘We have four or five players that are dead because they care for the club, for the team, they try to give everything, even risking themselves because they don’t want to let all the kids play by themselves against AC Milan, Liverpool and Real Madrid. They don’t want to do that.

‘Eric Bailly was not going to play and when we saw (Chris) Smalling was leaving in the warm-up he decides by himself, “ I don’t want another kid on the pitch – it’s not fair on the other guys that are there.

‘So we are trying to play these matches as best we can and we did until the gasoline lasted. Liverpool are not having the majority of their players but they rotate players. (Mo) Salah played 45 minutes. We cannot do it, so gasoline over. What this game gave me? Nothing at all.’