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Dueling Banners Sum Up State Of Arsenal

During Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat at West Brom on Saturday, we had dueling banners flying over the stadium. One urging Arsene Wenger to leave the club at the end of the season and another to stay.

The split opinion amongst Arsenal fans on Wenger’s, and the clubs future, threatens to overshadow the rest of the season. A season that is quickly spiraling out of control.

The defeat on Saturday, the Gunners fourth in their last five games, saw Arsenal slip down to 6th spot in the table, ahead of Everton only on goal difference.

Discussing his side’s poor fun, Wenger said:

“It’s very worrying because we are not used to that.

“Overall, I think we have a hell of a task to fight back.

“We need to regroup and, of course, focus on the games coming up.

“We have many big games and given that we had a disappointing result everybody goes away now we have to recover and prepare well for our end of season.”

Asked what he needs to do, Wenger said:

“Refocus and analysing where we are not good at the moment and correct what didn’t work today.”

Asked about getting back into the top four, Wenger responded:

“It will be a big fight, I agree with you. It will be very difficult now. Anyway, there’s no other way than by fighting and doing it until the last game of the season.

“Then, if it’s not good enough, we have to take the consequences. And then maybe one day if we don’t do it, people will enjoy it again to be in there.

Finally addressing the elephant in the room, and that is his future, the Arsenal boss said:

“You will see. I don’t think today I necessarily worry about that. We are in a unique bad patch that we’ve never had in 20 years.

“We lose game after game at the moment, and that is for me much more important than my future.

Arsenal return to action after the international break with a huge game against Manchester City on April 2.