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Didier Drogba Heading To China

By all accounts Didier Drogba has told his Chelsea teammates that he is leaving to go to China.

Drogba is expected to link up with former team-mate Nicolas Anelka at Shanghai in China in a £200,000-a-week deal.

Drogba said:

“Even though it’s been three years since I said that I wanted to leave, I find it hard to admit that it’s over with this club — especially since I did not want this end.”

Drogba told France Football magazine:

“I could not see myself sitting on the bench watching others play when the club plans to set up a new team.

“I’m not relieved, I am especially sad to leave such good guys. I prepare for my leap into the void, into the unknown.”

Didier had said that he could never play for another Premier League side adding:

“If I must leave it will be for an adventure that’s totally different from the big leagues.

“First, because there is no question I would play for anyone else in England other than Chelsea and also, because I don’t know what I could get in Spain, Italy or Germany that I don’t already know.

“I don’t want to start an ordinary adventure elsewhere. I’m more attracted to a new life.”

I am not surprised by the news. I wrote this months ago. Financially, Drogba could not turn down a two or three year contract worth £200,000-a-week deal. It is just too much money.

Plus after Saturday’s Champions League final, Drogba leaves Chelsea at the pinnacle with his last kick in Chelsea shirt delivering the Champions League Trophy. How could he possibly follow that?