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David De Gea Staying At Manchester United

DDG2You cannot make this up. David de Gea will be staying at Old Trafford after the signed contracts from Manchester arrived at the LP headquarters one minute too late and the deal is off!! Start the conspiracy theories on why United sent the contracts in late!

Earlier today everything seemed to be in place for de Gea to make his long-expected move to Real Madrid. United and Madrid had agreed on a deal where Madrid would send United £29 million (39.6m) plus goalkeeper Keylor Navas for the Spanish keeper.

Naval had agreed to terms with United that would have paid him double what he would have made in Spain, but know he has to stay in Madrid, knowing he is not wanted their, on half the wages he thought he would have made.

As for United, what is the next step for de Gea? Is this just pushing of his Madrid transfer until January, or are the rumors of a split between the United goalkeeper and his agent Jorge Mendes true and could we see de Gea fire the Super Agent? And if he does, is there any chance of him signing the contract offer that United have on the table?

Also, what does van Gaal do now as it looks like de Gea and Victor Valdes will both be at the club when the transfer window slams shut. Will he make up with his two Spanish goalkeepers and let them compete for the No.1 position, or will be continue to punish them and keep Segio Romero as his No.1?