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Could Mario Balotelli Be Returning To Inter?

Mario Balotelli has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in Manchester this season, and their is a feeling that the Premier League will put the former Inter player up for sale this season. The big question is whether Inter will look to pick up Balotelli for potentially less than they received for him two years ago.

The return of Balotelli is not something that Inter will consider until the summer according to the club’s sporting director, Marco Branca.

Asked about Balotelli, Branca said:

“I don’t want to be rude and I will respond briefly.

“Balotelli is not a topical interest issue. As for Mario, there will be time to speak about in one or two months”.

There is no doubt that Balotelli is a player with immense talent. But he is also a high maintenance player who far to often gets on the wrong side of his manager and teammates. He can divide a dressing room and for that reason I don’t believe that Inter should sign him.

When you sign Super Mario you are not getting just his skills on the pitch, you are getting the craziness off the pitch and to me, the off the pitch stuff outweighs what he can do on it.

If you were Marco Branca would you look to sign Mario Balotelli this summer?