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Conte Fails In Ban Appeal

Have to admit that I am not surprised to hear that Juventus boss Antonio Conte’s 10-month touchline ban remains intact after his appeal against the ban failed.

The Italian federation (FIGC) have been pretty clear in their thinking that they believe that Conte was complicit in match fixing while in charge of Siena.

Conte has always maintained his innocence and his legal team appealed the first sentence on Monday in a bid to have him acquitted, or at least get his punishment reduced.

As a result, Juventus will now play the 2012-13 season without Conte on the sidelines. Yes he can still train the club during the week, but it will be a big loss to the Champions to not have Conte available to make half time adjustments or tactical substitutions late in the game.

When it gets to those big Serie A matches against other title contenders, or more importantly, those big Champions League matches, the loss of Conte could cost Juventus the chance to win some silverware this season.