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Chelsea Offer £40million For Fernando Torres

He has not impressed at all during the World Cup, but that has not discouraged Chelsea from submitting a formal £40million offer to Liverpool for Fernando Torres.

It seems that Torres is Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti’s top target and Roman Abramovich is ready to bankroll the deal.

The bid puts new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson in a tough situation. He has already admitted he can offer no guarantee that either Torres or skipper Steven Gerrard will be at Anfield next season.

Liverpool’s financial problems are well known and if Chelsea up their bid to between £60-70 million then I cannot see Liverpool’s owners being able to turn that deal down.

The big question then becomes whether Hodgson will get to reinvest the £60-70 million in new players for the squad or whether the money will end up paying off bank loans.

This is a big summer on merseyside. They have a new manager and their three best players, Gerrard, Torres and Javier Mascherano, are all reported to be heading away from Anfield.

If Liverpool manages to hold onto these stars, but doesn’t add to the squad, then a Europa League place might be the best that Liverpool fans can hope for next season. On the other hand, if Liverpool sells these three stars and reinvests the £100 million in new players, then Liverpool might set itself up for the next four of five years.