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Carragher Blames Klopp After Latest Liverpool Defeat

Liverpool legend, and TV pundit, Jamie Carragher ripped apart Jurgen Klopp’s tactics after Liverpool’s defense was left exposed time and time again in a 3-1 defeat to Leicester City on Monday night.

Klopp’s men were soundly beaten as Jamie Vardy scored in both halves of Monday night’s clash at the King Power Stadium, while Danny Drinkwater notched with a long-range strike.

Philippe Coutinho grabbed a late consolation for his side, but Carragher was critical of the fact the Reds performed in the same way they did in defeats to other lower-league teams this season.

But Liverpool legend Carragher says the Brazilian was exposed by Klopp’s tactics and team selection.

“I think he (Klopp) has far too much faith in certain players, really,” he said, speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football.

“He has to make changes in the summer. And while I’m not saying tonight is a good thing, it reinforces the changes that need to be made.

“Sometimes as a Liverpool fan, when it’s going well you kid yourself about certain things.

“I love James Milner, but he’s not a left-back.

“Lucas Leiva I’m sure is getting plenty of stick off Liverpool fans tonight, but I actually felt so sorry for that lad. I was happy when he came off.

“I have no blame for him. He shouldn’t be playing there. It’s like putting me at right wing and saying ‘why aren’t you beating your full-back?’.

“I can’t. There’s no way I can possibly do it. And there’s no way Lucas can catch Vardy in a sprint if the team are pushed up to the halfway line.

“He was put in a position that completely exposed him. There should be no blame attached to him.

“The blame for that should be with Jurgen Klopp for putting him in that position.”

Liverpool stay a point adrift of the top four having played a game more than nearest rivals Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United.

And when asked about whether there’s a fear the team may miss out on Champions League qualification, Carragher responded:

“I’m more worried about Everton catching us at the moment! But of course it’s a fear.”

The Reds have now conceded 33 goals this season, more than every other team in the Premier League’s top eight.

“They are conceding 50 goals a season and they are on course to concede 50 goals again and he (Klopp) hasn’t fixed that or rectified it,” said Carragher. “That’s a big worry.

“Liverpool have been one of the highest scorers this season, but they can’t do what Manchester United did in the summer when they aren’t happy – go and get a world class striker in Ibrahimovic and break the world record for Pogba, players who change games.

“Alexis Sanchez has the choice between Liverpool and Arsenal and goes to Arsenal.

“When I was playing, we certainly weren’t as good as this team on the eye, but we were difficult to beat and having a good defensive record.

“You couldn’t financially match the other sides for getting the top players. So we decided to do it a different way.

“There’s no way you can win anything conceding that amount of goals. It’s just impossible to do that.”

Carragher also remains concerned Liverpool have no Plan B.

“My other problem is Liverpool always play the same way,” he said.

“What’s wrong with Liverpool going to a side like Leicester and saying ‘okay, what do they want to do to us?’.

“Why couldn’t they let Morgan and Huth have the ball and use Mane and his pace?

“Instead, Liverpool’s two centre-backs are on the halfway line and Leicester break. (Burnley’s) Andre Gray did it, Niasse did it for Hull and it was the same for Jamie Vardy tonight.

“I don’t know why it hasn’t changed or there is no difference in tactics for certain games.”