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Carlos Tevez Fined Over £1m By Man City For ‘Gross Misconduct’

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has been found guilty of gross misconduct and fined six weeks’ wages after flying home to Argentina without permission, a club source told Reuters. Tevez has been in Argentina since November as his agents try and negotiate a move to AC Milan.

City have obviously had enough of Tevez’s antics and told Reuters:

“In response to speculation, the club confirms that Carlos Tevez was found guilty by a disciplinary hearing on 21 December of gross misconduct for serious breaches of contract and was fined six weeks’ wages,” the source said. “Carlos elected to appeal the finding, which was dismissed by an appeal panel made up of club directors. He has until 30th January to make a final appeal to the Premier League.”

Tevez is in a reported £200,000 a week wage package, so six weeks wages is £1.2m. That is a massive amount of money.

In all Tevez’s mutiny has cost him a staggering £9.3m in fines, docked wages and sacrificed loyalty bonuses! City have not paid Tevez for the past two months, which has cost the striker £1.7m in lost wages, for not returning to Manchester to honour the terms of his contract.

Add in this £1.2m fine and the additional loss of around £6m in loyalty bonuses and a £400,000 fine for refusing to come off the bench against Bayern Munich, Tevez’s actions have cost him almost £10m!

Tevez and his agents have acting as if they have all the leverage here, demanding a move only to AC Milan and basically turning down offers from PSG and Inter Milan.

AC Milan are trying to get Tevez on the cheap, offering to take him on loan for the rest of the season before buying him in the summer. But City have made it clear they will not accept any cut-price offers or loan deals.

City are different from other clubs in that they can afford to let Tevez stew on the beach or int the reserves for the next two plus years. Man City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak issued a strongly worded statement to Abu Dhabi’s The National newspaper, saying the club would hold Tevez to his contract if no suitable buyer was found this month.

“Carlos remains a player with contractual obligations to Manchester City for the next two-and-a-half seasons. Unless we receive an offer that we deem appropriate the terms of his contract will be enforced. Inter Milan and Paris St Germain approached discussions with us in good faith and it is always a positive experience to deal with people with a professional approach. As things stand, AC Milan isn’t an option for Carlos Tevez. (Milan chief executive) Mr. (Adriano) Galliani and his advisors have developed a misplaced sense of confidence from their premature discussions with Carlos and his advisors. If they want to be a consideration in this transfer window they would do better to stop congratulating one another and begin to look at how they would meet our terms.”

Sounds like Mubarak and City are continuing to play hardball with Tevez. It will be interesting to see who blinks in the next week before this transfer window closes.

Do you think Man City will sell Carlos Tevez this month?