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Berlusconi Calls Alexandre Pato A ‘Problem

Another day and another headline from AC Milan. This time it is the club’ owner making news as Silvio Berlusconi has labelled Alexandre Pato as a ‘problem.

Pato has failed to live up to his potential since arriving in Milan, mainly due to injuries, and he is no longer guaranteed a starting shirt at San Siro.

“Pato is a problem,” the President noted. “We really hope that he can fully recover from all these injuries.

“It is a problem because he was the one Milan player with the brightest future ahead of him.”

The interesting sidebar from Berlusconi’s Pato comments are that Pato is dating Berlusconi daughter Barbara. I wonder how that plays when the boyfriend comes over for dinner?

During this past summer, Berlusconi slashed Milan’s wage bill by not offering new deals to a lot of the club’s veteran players. They also sold Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint-Germain, a switch which Berlusconi said has given Stephan El Shaarawy the chance to shine.

“I certainly have regrets that Ibrahimovic is not on the pitch, yet we have saved €160m over three years by selling him.

“But now we have El Shaarawy. Counting on youngsters is the right road ahead.”