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Berbatov Hits Back At Fiorentina And Juventus Criticism’s

Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has hit back at Fiorentina and Juventus after he snubbed them in order to join Fulham.

Berbatov has been criticized by both Serie A clubs after allegedly breaking promises to them about his interest in joining them, something Berbatov refutes.

“Some clubs wanted me, other clubs wanted me, but I never made pledges to anybody that I wanted to play for them,” Berbatov said today.

“I said yes to Fulham, but I never told the other two clubs that cried foul that I will play for them,” he continued.

“I choose where to play. It is normal for Fiorentina to be disappointed. When it doesn’t work out, one may feel betrayed but I care for my interests, the opinions of people closest to me, and that’s it.”

It is understood that the player, who won’t be facing Italy this week after rejecting an international recall, opted to remain in England for family reasons.

“For some people Fulham might be a small team, but maybe I am not the same person I was two years ago,” he added. “I need to get used to their game rhythm now.”