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Allegri Says Thiago Silva Is Going Nowhere

AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri has been talking to journalists on the Rossoneri Cruise. The Milan coach felt that the team lacked a quality midfielder last season, and that Thiago Silva would not be leaving this summer.

Here are some of comments that Allegri made:

“I am convinced that Thiago Silva will remain, the defender is amongst the top three in Europe and to lose him would be very serious but I am convinced that after the Olympics he will return to Milanello. I think that Galliani has been very clear on what are the club’s intentions are. Milan do not want to sell him. President Berlusconi has the ambition and the desire to see Milan to great heights. With Thiago, Pato will return, which will be our first purchase of the new season. We hardly had him in the side last year while Boateng was decisive for the title season. He has extraordinary physical and technical qualities, but can get better. He will be a new purchase. President Berlusconi has pledged to keep Milan at the highest level is an perfectionist and he will do anything to keep Thiago at Milan.”

Looking back at last season:

“Ibrahimovic is a player who is very angry with himself, he is very demanding and seeking to get the best out of others. This year we must take more responsibility. I want to see a good Euros. This past season we have won so many games by a large margin, but we won a few games which were balanced. We won a lot games 1-0 when we won the title: This was the difference, the group did very well when they needed to fight. We start again with even more desire and hunger, we threw away too many points compared to Juve. We are angry about the way things turned out. It is good fortune for anyone being at Milan, there needs to be responsibility and professionalism.”

On the transfer front:

“In midfield we will see what the situation is with Flamini. We have eight players for four places, we are missing a player, and my preference is for a quality player. For the rest, the team is in place and we are very competitive. I feel and I read so many things, but the club will not sell anybody. On August 31, the club will definitely give me a complete team, even more competitive than it is now. We see what will happen, something unpredictable can change things.”