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Allegri and Inzaghi In Fight At Milan Training Ground

The wheels are coming off the AC Milan season after Massimiliano Allegri and Pippo Inzaghi are reported to have engaged in a screaming match at Milan’s training ground on Thursday and had to be physically separated.

Italian CNN correspondent Tancredi Palmeri was the one to break the story via his twitter account (@tancredipalmeri and this is what he tweeted:

“Incredible what happened at Milan’s practice, Manager Allegri completely lost his mind, stopped Inzaghi and accused him of publicly pushing management for his sacking. Allegri then insulted Inzaghi at Milan’s academy pitch, calling him a piece of sh*t, because he believes Inzaghi is trying to get his job. Inzaghi responded to insults, and moments before it turned into a brawl, Filippo Galli stopped them.”

The incident illustrates how the pressure of the season has gotten to Allegri. And the training ground incident is that unusual as several of the more experienced players that Allegri let go this summer have all called out the organization for being unprofessional at training, with players being allowed to show up late, etc.

In an attempt to calm the storm engulfing the club Allegri and Inzaghi have both appeared on the Milan Channel today to talk down the incident.

“Nothing happened, absolutely nothing,” Allegri noted. “There is no problem with Pippo. In fact, there is great collaboration between the first team and the youth sectors. There was an exchange of opinions without any offence or heavy words.”

Inzaghi backed up the claims of the his boss adding:

“Allegri is right, it lasted for one minute,” he stated. “The youth team players didn’t notice anything because nothing happened.

“We are Milan and we all love Milan, so nothing like that would have occurred. Rather than writing about things that didn’t happen, Milan need a helping hand.”