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Zeman: “Long-Term Suspensions? They Should Include Training”

The Roma coach Zdenek Zeman has weighed in on the latest match fixing scandal to grip Italian football and the match day suspension of Juventus coach Antonio Conte. And this comments will not make him any friends in Turin as Zeman believes that Conte should not even be allowed to train his players as part of his ten-month ban.

Conte’s suspension only applies to the dugout and dressing room on match days, for which he has been replaced by Massimo Carrera and Zeman was adamant that Conte should not be allowed to even coach his team if the ban is to be treated seriously.

“A suspended player can train, but I think a coach with a long ban shouldn’t be able to train his team,” Zeman told a press conference.

“I haven’t read the full verdicts of the betting trial, but if people want to weaken this phenomenon then they have to be more decisive.”