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Will London Police Charge John Terry With Making Racial Comments?

The Daily Mirror today has a front page story that the London police are considering charging John Terry with making racial comments to QPR’s Anton Ferdinand.

According to the Mirror story the police have quizzed six senior Chelsea players about what was said during the match and have sent the file to crown prosecutors to make a final decision.

A source told the Mirror:

“There is a feeling among some officers that John Terry has a case to answer.”

Terry is reported to have called Ferdinand a “f****** black c***” but he strenuously denies making racist remarks and insists his words have been taken out of context.

The incident is being investigated by a team of up to 10 Met officers who have examined video footage of the game and spoke to several witnesses.

Prosecutors will now have to consider if they have enough evidence to take the case to court, and whether it would be in the public interest.

The FA have not charged Terry as they were waiting until the police have finished their investigation. But the fact that the police are considering charging Terry, makes the sight of Terry wearing the captain armband against Sweden on Tuesday even more surreal.

With the police about to wind up their investigation the FA will be backed into a corner. If the police decide to press charges, then the FA will charge Terry and also find him guilt of racial abuse. I believe that carries a six-game suspension, which with the busy holiday season coming up would be a big blow to Chelsea.