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Wenger Latest Manager To Criticize Holiday Fixture List

Arsene Wenger says the Premier League selling out to TV has made this the most uneven Christmas schedule ever.

The Arsenal manager finds it ‘unbelievable’ that his team play two games in three days while others are in more privileged positions.

Wenger’s side beat Crystal Palace on Sunday afternoon and visit Bournemouth on Tuesday night while Premier League table-toppers Chelsea, meanwhile, are enjoying three days off to rest. They played Stoke at Stamford Bridge on Saturday and don’t travel to Tottenham until Wednesday.

“In 20 years it is the most uneven Christmas period I’ve seen,” Wenger said.

“The difference in rest period is unbelievable.”

“Honestly, I don’t really know if the Premier League masters the fixtures.”

“It’s more we have sold the rights to TV for a lot of money so we have to accept TV chooses the games”

“But some teams have more luck than others.”

It’s ridiculous to make some teams in the title race have to play two matches within 48 hours and travel, while other teams get four days rest and don’t have to leave the capital.