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We Finally Learn The Truth About Hillsborough

It took 23-years, but today their was some justice for Liverpool and the Hillsborough families, as Prime Minister David Cameron offered a profound apology for the “double injustice” in the House of Commons.

Watch the full speech from below:

Cameron’s speech came the day that the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel was released and I was stunned reading the extent of the cover-up that took place at Hillsborough before the FA Cup semi-final. Some of the shocking findings in the report include:

  • 31 victims could have had reversible asphyxia after the 3.15pm cut off point.
  • 28 victims did not have obstruction of blood circulation and that 31 had evidence of heart and lung function post 3.15pm.
  • Police took blood alcohol levels from children and the dead.
  • If no alcohol was found, police ran criminal records checks on victims.
  • 164 statements were amended, including those of ambulance service personnel.
  • Multiple factors were responsible for the deaths of the 96.
  • The fans were not responsible.
  • The source for the allegations made by ‘The Sun’ were filed by White’s News Agency, a Sheffield-based company. They were based on meetings over three days between agency staff and several police officers, together with interviews with Irvine Patnick MP and the South yorkshire Federation Secretary, Paul Middup.