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Was Ronaldo worth it?

Interesting report by Frontier Economics this week. Frontier works in valuation exercises and in the sports/creative industries and recently did issued a report on what determines a footballer’s transfer fee and whether the recent transfers are worth the money being paid.

According to Frontier that the record breaking €94 million (£80million) deal for Cristiano Ronaldo from was at there high end of his valuation of
€90million (£77million), €4million (£3 million) less than what paid Manchester United.

Interestingly, Frontier values Kaka at only €44 million, which is a whopping €23 million more less than Real paid for him.

The analysis can also be used to speculate on the current transfer value of other players if they moved to or within the Spanish League. The most expensive player would be Lionel Messi at €124million (£106 million) after a superb season with . Steven Gerrard is the most expensive player in the team at €51million (£43million).

What do you think of the analysis?