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USA Faces Must Win Game Against Jamaica On Tuesday

Heading into the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign U.S. soccer fans took it for granted that the U.S.A. would be in Brazil in 2014.

But after a surprising 2-1 defeat in Kingston Jamaica on Friday the U.S. find themselves with as big a home game on Tuesday in Columbus as the U.S. have had in years.

Here is how the U.S. qualifying group looks today. Remember that the top two teams advance to the final qualifying group of six.

Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
Jamaica 3 2 1 0 4 2 7
Guatemala 3 1 1 1 5 4 4
USA 3 1 1 1 5 4 4
Antigua and Barbuda 3 0 1 2 2 6 1

When the U.S. is playing Jamaica on Tuesday, Guatemala is traveling to Antigua and Barbuda. So chalk up three points for Guatemala there.

A loss to Jamaica on Tuesday will mean that the U.S. will go into its game at home to Guatemala