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UEFA Charge Wenger And Nasri

Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri have both been charged by Uefa with improper conduct for “inappropriate language” over comments made to the referee after last night’s defeat by Barcelona.

Wenger was furious with referee Massimo Busacca for the red card shown to van Persie and confronted Busacca at the final whistle and their angry exchanges continued in the tunnel.

“If you play football at a certain level you cannot understand this decision,” Wenger said. “It killed a promising, fantastic match. If it’s a bad tackle, OK, but frankly it is embarrassing.”

While I can understand the Wenger charge, I cannot understand the Nasri charge unless he said something to the referee after the game.

The disciplinary case for both Wenger and Nasri will be heard on 17 March.