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Tevez Refuses To Come Off Bench For Man City

After a summer of transfer rumors about where will Carlos Tevez be playing this season, nobody was willing to pay City’s price for their former captain, and it appeared that Tevez was happy to be returning to Manchester.

But in Munich tonight, the Carlos Tevez’s relationship with Manchester City hit a low point as Tevez refused to go into the game as a second half substitute.

Nigel de Jong had replaced striker Edin Dzeko in a surprise substitution after which Tevez was told by City boss Roberto Mancini to get ready as City chased a two-goal deficit, a request which was declined.

Asked if Tevez was finished at City, Mancini said:

“I don’t decide this, but if I did, then yes. I helped Carlos for two years but I cannot accept this behaviour.”

When asked if he had any explanation for Tevez’s behaviour, Mancini shrugged:

“He just refused to go on. I don’t know why,” said Mancini. “I cannot be happy with this situation. Would something like this happen at Bayern Munich, AC Milan or Manchester United? I am the manager. I decide everything. I have helped him every time for two years, he has wanted to leave but I still picked him. The thing is there were still 30 minutes until the end of the game. We could still change it. Carlos didn’t play at the start of the season because he has not had a pre-season for three years. He was not ready to play. If it was another player may be this could happen but for a player to refuse to go on in an important game like this is not right.”

Tevez, speaking through an interpreter, in an interview with Sky Sports News said:

“I have been professional during all my time here. Last season I was the top scorer and I wanted to leave for family reasons – but I keep trying to do my best.”

It will be interesting to see what City and their arab ownership do. The transfer window does not open up for another three month, so City cannot sell him tomorrow. Does City sack Tevez for refusing to play, or do they send him off the play with the reserves? If any team can afford to sent Tevez away or three months it is City, but is that the best cause of action?

It will be interesting to see how Tevez and his agent Kia Joorabchian try and spin this over the next 48 hours that somehow Tevez was not at fault but. But I cannot see how they can turn public sentiment around here.

Refusing to play is inexcusable and I will be shocked if Tevez ever ways a Man City shirt again. What do you think will happen? Is Tevez finished in Manchester?