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Stuart Pierce Is Off His Rocker

Some unbelievable quotes from Team GB’s Stuart Pierce on Tuesday that he is thinking of picking Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere for the Olympics regardless of what Arsenal say, and despite the fact that the player has not played for 10 months.

Here are Pierce’s quotes from the Mirror today:

“We’re in constant contact with Arsenal and we’ll see how this one rides. But, will any manager get a veto over who I select? Of course not.

“We would obviously let them know if their players are in contention and the dates they would need to be made available.

“But we’re talking about Great Britain here. The Olympic Games. If you strip it down solely to the players, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

“Lionel Messi took his club to court because he wanted to play at the Olympics. That’s the best player in the world.

“I wouldn’t want to get into a legal battle, but we’re not talking about taking players away for a whole season.

“We’re not even asking them to miss a competitive match.”

Take about hubris.

Wilshere has not played a competitive game since England’s 2-2 draw with Switzerland last June and Arsene Wenger does not want to take any chances with Wilshere, as he wants Wilshere 100% for next season.

Wenger, and I think sensibly, wants Wilshere to go through a regular preseason with the club in order to regain his match fitness.

When asked about Wilshere going to the Olympics last week, Wenger said:

“The Olympics would be the worst idea for him.”

Pearce said on Tuesday, however:

“That’s his opinion. I can’t change his opinion, and it’s not of great concern to me.”