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Serie A Problems With COVID Protocol

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According to the Corriere della Sera, only three out of 20 Serie A clubs – Juventus, Lazio and Genoa – have approved the medical protocols for returning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Football in Italy has been shut down for six weeks and the Government lockdown measures should be eased from May 4, including a return to training with social distancing.

However, the FIGC protocol to ensure player safety has not been entirely welcome, with the Corriere della Sera newspaper claiming only three out of 20 clubs and their medical staff have approved the system.

Just Juventus, Lazio and Genoa feel they are prepared to go with the protocol as it stands, with the other 17 clubs pointing out problems that need to be resolved.

It’s reported there are 20 points to be considered, largely around the logistics, organization and practicality of the protocol.

There needs to be constant testing, both swabs and blood tests, training in small groups with only three in a changing room at a time, showers to be taken in their individual rooms, disinfectant on surfaces and ensuring areas of aeration.

Clubs need to set up essentially a pre-season training camp, separating the players and staff from family to keep them in the complex for weeks.