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Sergio Ramos Signs New Long-Term Deal At Real Madrid

Ramos-RMSergio Ramos played Manchester United like a violinist plays a Stradivarius. The Real Madrid captain brilliantly used the interest of Manchester United to get what he always wanted, more money from Real Madrid.

“The circumstances of the renewal have made it drawn out but my head and heart have always been here,” said Ramos.

“It is clear and I can’t deny it that there were certain things I was uncomfortable with. I never said that I wanted to leave Madrid but I couldn’t continue like that. You can see the economic part is the last thing I mention, but there were things we needed to talk about. My happiness is here, so why would I waste time somewhere else.

“If it was an economic issue I wouldn’t have stayed. I could have made more money in another place, but there were other circumstances that I had to fix.”

Despite what Ramos claims this has always been about money and the respect that comes with it. Madrid’s longest serving player and new club captain wanted to feel wanted by Madrid president Florentino Perez.

And the combination of Manchester United’s interest and the departure of Iker Casillas this created a perfect storm for Ramos, where it became political unthinkable for Perez to let him leave the club. Ramos had Real over a barrel and took full advantage to sign a

And Perez insisted Los Blancos needed Ramos more than ever in the post-Casillas era.

“Sergio Ramos is an icon for the Real Madrid fans, whom he has won over with his character and his heart on and off the pitch. He’s a player who never gives up, a Real Madrid legend”.

“Sergio Ramos has won everything, but just like Real Madrid he wants more, therefore we need him to maintain that desire”